UPDATE 2015 – NWSL Year of the FAN

UPDATE July 14, 2015


They did it! We believed and they won!! And doesn’t that 3rd star look great!!!

Now the ’15ers, as they will be known until 2019 (wink wink), are heading back to their respective NWSL teams. As a fan I think I can speak for almost everyone by saying that we are ecstatic to have them back, to celebrate them and see what they can bring to the second half of the season. But let’s not forget all the players who have been here all along, putting in the work and keeping the wheels turning while they were gone. We owe it to them and our returning champions to really ramp up our support heading towards the NWSL playoffs and championship. Now is the time to cajole friend and foe into attending games. Now is the time to be front and center in all your social media accounts about your team and why everyone should support them. Now is the time to brush off your banter (friendly, of course) game and make some noise. Now is the time to show the entire country that we have a league..and it’s good. Now is the time to contact that local paper or TV station and tell them you WANT coverage of your team & the league.

The current argument going around is that the NT isn’t promoting the league like some think they should. But let’s also not forget that the majority of the approximately 180 players in NWSL don’t and won’t play for a NT. Could the NT do more? Sure, couldn’t we all. Don’t let that argument stop you from doing all that YOU can to promote and support the NWSL.

2015 IS the Year of the Fan because we can make it so.

Now get out there and buy those tickets, send those tweets, call that neighbor or co-worker, the NWSL is waiting for you.


$ Full stadiums
$ Merchandise flying off the shelves
$ Staff in overdrive
– Players feeling the love.
Team wishlists? Probably.

It could be a reality in 2015. It should be a reality in 2015. If the fans step up, it will be a reality in 2015.

2015 IS the Year of the Fan for NWSL. Not because they have designated it so (feel free to use the idea, NWSL. I’m all about sharing), but because it needs to be.

2015 will be the most challenging season yet for NWSL. There is of course FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015™ (WWC) and all the camps and friendlies leading up to it to take national team members of various countries away. There is the shortened schedule, the lengthened season, and the 2 week break in the heart of the season. There is the possibility that more games than last year will be played while kids are still in school. There is also the stark reality that some of the marquee international players are not going to play in the league at all this season, some opting to stay at home for WWC prep and then deeming it too short a time to travel to the USA to play. And that doesn’t even take into account any fans that will be traveling to Canada to see the WWC. Some of those fans will be (understandably) foregoing the outstanding support they usually give their NWSL team. Lots of reasons for fans to lose a little interest in the league.

Sounds pretty bleak, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be and it won’t be if we all do our part and then some.

What would doing our part look like? Glad you asked.

First and foremost fans have to fill seats by buying tickets. And bringing at least one friend to every game you attend, more is better here, folks, bring ten friends! Buying tickets to donate is another avenue to increase revenue to teams, but don’t forget that game “atmosphere” is a big reason to put your own butt in a seat.
Live in Boston, but Seattle is your team? Go to games in Boston! For the league to thrive the teams all have to be successful, so even if you live and die for Sky Blue..go to a game in KC if it’s closer to you. I know your team won’t hold it against you. You can still wear your jersey. If you support the league your team wins, too.

And about that jersey – do you have one? Or a t-shirt? Or a scarf? Or a hoodie? Or any of the other merchandise that your team sells? Merchandise sales in general have a pretty good markup so teams make money on your purchase. We all wish our team sold more/different/better merchandise (I know I do) and someday they all will, but do what you can with the merchandise offered. If you don’t see what you want/like let them know. If we don’t tell them they likely won’t offer it and will have lost out on more revenue generated.

Staff in overdrive is a no-brainer. We all know that most teams have nowhere near the staff to make things comfortable. Staff that are paid are making nowhere near what they could in other situations, so your support of the team affects them, also. Do you have a particular skill that would benefit the NWSL team in your area? Volunteer if you can. Contact the club and see if they’d like your services. Volunteers stretch the budgets of businesses all over the world, why not see if you can stretch the budget of your local team, can’t hurt and who knows what great experiences you’ll have.

Players feeling the love. Kind of self-explanatory, but I’ll add just a little. Players are going to need your support more than ever this year, why? Because the players on the pitch for the entire season will be the journeywomen of WoSo. Many of these players aspire to be on the NT one day, but many know that they won’t make it to that level again, or for the first time. These players are playing for 2 main reasons; they love the game, and they hope one day to make a real living at it. They need us fans to really step it up this year and support them, not the missing NT players (support them too, but you know what I mean). When the NT is back on the pitch by all means support them, but in the meantime the players who are not away at WWC duty need all your support.

NWSL Year of the Fan. Has a nice ring to it. Wouldn’t it be great if that was the headline of every article written about how awesome the 2015 NWSL season was?

FANS can make it so. FANS can be the difference that propels the league forward into season 4 and beyond. I’m game..are you?