My Team – NWSL 2018



After the double heartbreak of losing FCKC and then Boston I said I wouldn’t support a team in NWSL for 2018. It’s too soon. I just can’t turn my support on and off like that. So no, I’m not supporting an established team this season, but I am supporting a team.

I made my own. Not like a fantasy team or anything (but I will have a fantasy team as soon as NWSL Fantasy League is in action), it’s a team made of players I like to watch and see what they can do as individuals in their teams.

Here goes.

Starting 11:


Quinn     Erceg     Sonnett     Gilliland

Tymrak     Mewis,K     LaBonta

McCaskill     Stengel     Rapinoe


GK    Bledsoe/Eckerstrom

D       Carpenter/Frisbie/Gibbons

M       Andrews/Laddish/Nairn/Weimer

F       Abam/Groom/Jenkins/Jordan/Leroux/Ohai


I tried to make it as much like a team as possible. I stuck to the roster rules for number of players. Fortunately, I like quite a few former Breakers, so my total is 20 + 6 Breakers. I have at least 1 player from every team, some federation players, some internationals.

I think everyone I picked could be a starter on the right club, but I had to choose a starting XI. I think they would make a competitive team in the league.

Some of these players are sentimental favorites and some are up & comers I’m interested in seeing mature, but all-in-all I think this will be a fun bunch.

If you’re in my boat and can’t pick another league team to support, try making your own. This was an unexpectedly cathartic experience.

Of course I have to say that I think the best way for the league to continue to grow is if fans pick a team already in the league to support and stick with them through thick and thin. I’ll get to that point again, but this year I think this plan works for me.