Lifetime Kickin’ It To Florida Championship Weekend Sweepstake

Sounds great right? Who wouldn’t want 4 tickets, airfare and accommodations to the NWSL Championship. Hey I’d even take a swag bag or a jersey (also prizes). Seems sounds great is all we’ve got. I’ve searched high and low on My Lifetime and NWSL Soccer for any active link to the contest, or the official rules, or anything that says the contest even existed. Nada.

I mean there are mentions of it if you google, but they seem to be limited to sites that aggregate sweepstakes for those who make that their thing. But if you’re looking for anything official, not a character to be seen on any site you might think would be an official tie-in.

And you might rightfully ask why do I care? Well, I – and many others who inevitably entered wanting to have a trip to the Championship for free – would like to know if I won, or they won, or anyone won, or if the sweepstake was even a thing. I understand that all sweepstakes reserve the right to terminate the sweepstake if they suspect something untoward was taking place, like cheating the system to get entries you’re not entitled to. I’m not naive enough to think that doesn’t happen, but most sweepstakes will at least post something explaining that. Not this sweepstake.

So I guess I’m just throwing this out there to see if anyone has heard or seen anything about the sweepstake. If you have, hit me up here or on twitter @Deegley. If I won, I have a few extra tickets 🙂