Dele Alli, Stephanie Roche – and the fragile English male ego?

It is not enough to just document ideas, they have to be refuted like @DasGherkin’s done. What has been bred in can be bred out.

Here is blog

There was much social media glee about Dele Alli’s goal for Tottenham today.

@DasGherkin noted its similarity to another famous goal – one nominated for last year’s Puskas award.

The responses she received – mostly from English men, it has to be said – were appalling but perhaps not surprising to those steeped in the culture and history of English football.

Football in England has historically been perceived as for men. Men play it. Men watch it. The women who have played it have been written out of history (there are multiple histories of the English game with a gigantic gap during the World War One years, when women’s teams drew tens of thousands to grounds); the women who have watched it have been written…

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