A few quick thoughts on Carli and the Flash

People seem pretty divided on whether Carli was treated well by the Flash when she was traded. I have to side with No. And not just because it’s Carli. She’s not one of my chosen favorites on the national team. I love that she’s got that Jersey Girl mentality, but her play doesn’t particularly draw me in.

I say no because I really think giving a player, any player, a call or a conversation as a courtesy is just the right thing to do. It is a show of respect, whether you like the player and are sad to see them go or you wish them good riddance. It just shows a certain humanity.

To say that most, if not all pro sports don’t do it isn’t a very good argument. It’s your mother saying “if everyone jumped off the bridge would you do it too?” kind of argument. The way players are treated by coaches and GM’s is a direct reflection on what type of organization they are and just because everyone does it doesn’t mean they have to.

I am a firm believer that women’s sport has a chance to be better than what came before them, men’s sport. There is a chance to change the conversation and do things in a more respectful and humane way.

Maybe men have come to expect being treated like commodities, that’s sad, but it doesn’t mean women have to accept it. I think women should demand to be treated with a little more respect and maybe the men will come around, too.


2 thoughts on “A few quick thoughts on Carli and the Flash

  1. I agree with your points, and would add that respect is even more important when players are asked to give so much for minimal salaries. Even Carli and the WNT players make comparatively little for professional athletes. People in low wage jobs are often treated poorly by their employers. It’s essential that the NWSL go the extra mile to show players they are valued in every other way possible.

    Nobody has mentioned how Dash players Whitney Engen and Becky Edwards were informed of their trade to WNY for Lloyd, but the implication is that the Houston front office gave them advance notice. There really does need to be some standard procedure for all teams to follow – and as you say, the standard should be one of decency.

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  2. Afaik, in major pro sports leagues in America, player or their agent are notified well in advance before the trade information is released to the media. So I sympathize with Carli on this. Not only did Coach Lines not show her the common courtesy or respect, but his behavior fell well short of the professionalism that is the norm in other sports leagues.


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