Dear Abby,

Just wanted to touch base and see how things are with you. I’m guessing you’re pretty psyched now that the day of the final, your final final, is here. I know I am!

It’s been a long and swerve-y ride to today, for you and fans like me. I remember your days as a Gator and your early days with the national team. The hype and bad hair, the accolades and the disappointments. I’ve followed you for a very large chunk of my life, and yours. You’ve inspired and exasperated me. You’ve shone and refused to all at the same time. You’ve been my gay icon and a source of my gay discontent. You’ve played your game to the fullest and lived your life unapologetically.

And now it’s all coming together today. I so wish for it to end with the fairytale ending you want. I believe that it will. I believe in you, your heart, leadership, and ability to get that last extra ounce from your teammates. I know you’d like to play and I hope you get one last chance to walk out onto a World Cup pitch as a player, but even if you don’t it won’t tarnish what you’ve accomplished at this level. Not for me or thousands of fans around the world.

As you, and the other veterans of the team who may also be playing in their last World Cup for the Red, White & Blue, suit up, know that the US WoSo world is behind you 1000% percent in your task today. We appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice it takes to get to and stay at the elite level.

I will miss you on this stage in the future, but I know that the importance of team and the continued fighting spirit you’ve emphasized during your career will be your legacy.

I Believe..and always have.

Always a faithful fan,


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