One man’s perspective on Hope Solo

Not your typical male perspective.


“They’re all lesbians.”

“She’s smoking hot.”

“The quality is terrible.”

“She looks like a man.”

There’s your stereotypical male perspective of female athletes.  The majority of my interactions with other men about women’s sports have revolved around some variation of those four quotes above. Most of my interactions with other men about men’s sports are analyzing the actual game.  Our society does not show enough respect for female athletes. Here lies the foundation of my frustrations in the most recent Hope Solo incident.

These perspectives are incredibly damaging to the psyche of female athletes.  If you’re a man and this is the commentary you have to offer the women’s game, please stop. No, seriously.  Enough. But let me get to the topic at hand… Hope Solo.

U.S. Soccer has suspended Solo for 30 days. It has been reported Solo’s husband was arrested for driving while intoxicated and Solo was a passenger in the vehicle. Solo’s husband…

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