Cheer the **** Up WoSo

Negative stuff yanks my chain and when it’s primarily about WoSo and all its woes it yanks harder.

Are thinks wrong with WoSo worldwide? You betcha!
Is whining about it going to change anything? Not on your life!

I ask fans/pundits to take a step back and consider that even articles written that don’t go into hard-hitting facts about the game also have some benefit. The adage goes something like “any publicity is good publicity”. I’d love to see more articles that delve into the inner workings of teams and tactics and coaching decisions, and that’s improving, but we’re still going to see our share of the fluff stuff. Players in scanty clothes (or none at all), articles about “Soccer Moms”, and all the other things they never write about the men will still be published ad nauseum. It may not shed the best light on the sport we all love, but it gets and keeps eyes on the sport.

If you don’t like all the “fluff” then I suggest you seek out the hard stuff and promote that, promote it so much that it starts to drown out the fluff. It’s a fine line we all walk trying to promote a sport we want to see succeed and supporting sites we want to see fulfill their potential while filtering out the stuff we cringe at, but it’s a path we must walk if we want to see the good stuff flourish.

So as you stroll down that bumpy path, I ask that you keep a smile on your face and good intentions in your heart, because if I see one more whiny post about how crappy things are I might just hurt a kitten!