Yes, I Don’t Agree With You..Sometimes

I don’t know when agreeing with someone on twitter became a requirement of use, so since I missed the memo, I’ll continue to tweet my opinion. And NEWS FLASH! It may not agree with yours. – Diane

Recently two topics came up in NWSL that I’ve gotten a LOT of push back on:

  1. Houston expansion
  2. FCKC change of venue


You can try (and have tried) to convince me expansion to HOUSTON in 2014 is a good thing. I have no doubt HOUSTON will be a good market. My issue is, and always will be, with timing, lack of transparency and USSF going back on their word and what message that sends to future expansion teams and sponsors. It is my opinion. It may not be yours, but I’m OK with that.


Most NWSL teams will benefit from a change of venue. Boston Breakers upgrading to Harvard is a good example. Better access, onsite parking and more seats being just a few of the benefits. Notice I said “upgrade”?

I do not see FCKC’s move as such an upgrade. I have read the story on their site and although it seems like a very nice facility it isn’t necessarily an upgrade in my eyes. The most glaring thing to me is the loss of many seats. FCKC average attendance varies a little depending on who you read, but I feel comfortable with about 4300 per home game. UMKC WILL (does not currently) seat 3200. My math says that is 1100 fewer than average, not even taking into account the highest drawing games. Six home games is 6600 tickets. What team in their right mind would give up 6600 tickets? If this revenue is being replaced or increased they sure as hell haven’t said where or how. Until they do, I think it’s not the right move.

And what about those 1100 fans per game who will no longer get the “enhanced game day experience”? How are they being rewarded for being there from day one? “Oops! We really appreciated you in 2013, but it’s 2014 and we don’t think we need you so much this year. Good luck and we’ll hope to see you in maybe 2016 when we really do upgrade. Buh-bye, now. Oh, one more thing, we might have a live stream of the game you can watch, maybe. Or we might even be on TV for a game or 2, if you’re lucky and get that channel, so don’t get distracted by the thousand other things vying for your attention, because we’ll be right here and we’ll call you when we need you again.”

Also, in relation to both topics, please don’t argue it’s all about money with Houston Dash expansion and then say money isn’t important with FCKC change of venue. Money is ALWAYS important

I’m not crazy or unreasonable. I listen to everyone’s opinion. I read soccer media. I follow teams and players and owners and pundits. I form my own opinions and Yes, I don’t agree with you..sometimes.

If you’d like to discuss these 2 topics in the comments, I’d be glad to hear your side.


1 thought on “Yes, I Don’t Agree With You..Sometimes

  1. Regarding FCKC’s change of venue, surprise surprise! I’m going to cordially disagree with you. :p

    Your main concern seemed to the loss of revenue (ticket sales) due to reduction in capacity. Well, to that I say don’t worry about it (too much).

    My guess is that FCKC’s marketers have found out that there is a stigma attached to playing in a “high school” venue. Fans and more importantly corporate sponsors don’t perceive any sports played at a high school to be “major league.” Corporate sponsors are probably not too enthusiastic about bringing their clients to a high school venue. Maybe this new venue (albeit smaller) has the amenities that are attractive to corporate sponsors. I’m talking premium club seating, dedicated food service/restaurant, luxury box etc. Now why am I focusing so much on the corporate sponsors? it’s because profitable sports organizations don’t solely rely on ticket sales. They need corporate sponsorship to survive. If the sponsors come with the new venue, maybe the loss in ticket sales will be absorbed by them.

    I’m also fairly certain that the average “attendance” of 4,300 per game is tickets “distributed.” Which means it includes freebies and discounted tickets. By artificially reducing the supply (seats), FCKC can stimulate demand. Fans will quickly realize that they can’t just walk up and buy tickets 15 minutes before the game. If they want to see Alex Morgan or Hope Solo in KC, they better think ahead, plan ahead and BUY ahead. I think the season/partial season ticket sales will rise because of this and there will be less need to hand out free tickets to fill the stands. Perhaps fans that were “turned away” by sold out games will turn to week night games. Perhaps the makeup of the crowd will consist of more hard core fans and more knowledgeable fans. They in turn can turn up the game day atmosphere. Get good buzz going which newbies will quickly sense and seize upon.

    FCKC may have also gotten a sweetheart deal from UMKC. Perhaps FCKC were enticed with better financial deal for parking and concession compared to their old venue. Maybe FCKC was given priority in securing favorable dates (ie weekends). Maybe FCKC was given the right to build the additional grandstands according to their wishes. Perhaps allow them to add values and differentiating club seats. One complaint I’ve read about the old venue was that there was very little difference between general seating vs. club (STH) seating. Maybe the new venue has better transportation option? Maybe the new venue is more centrally located?

    It’s hard to put a dollar sign but the optics of playing on a a dedicated soccer field is priceless. It says to the fans that this organization is not mickey mouse. The new venue can truly be FCKC’s home, not the rented place that the old venue was.
    We also can’t ignore the turf. No, it’s not natural grass but the field turf is so much better than the concrete turf. I’m sure all the players and their knees, acl, hamstring (insert lower body part) think this move is great! 🙂

    Lastly, although you are undoubtedly vested in the success of FCKC, I’m pretty sure FCKC ownership is even more concerned about the well being of their club. I trust that their lawyers, accountants and bean counters studied this issue thoroughly and concluded that the benefits of moving outweighed the potential decrease in revenue. This is their livelihood. They wouldn’t make move like this flippantly.


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