NWSL 2013 – Analysis In 10 Parts PART 3 – Sky Blue FC

Third in a series of 10 posts analyzing NWSL 2013 from my viewpoint.

Sky Blue FC

I had high hopes for Sky Blue FC coming into the season. They are an experienced organization that’s been around and knows what it takes to field a good team and give fans a great experience. I had hoped that a year off would find them regenerated and raring to go..I did not get that vibe.

Pre-season, Season Tickets, and Fan Engagement:

Pre-season looked pretty promising. SBFC got some major USWNT talent and good players from Canada and Mexico. I really liked their draft picks and was excited to watch Lisonbee-Cutshall make the transition. And when they signed Bock, De Vanna, and Foord, I thought they might give my allegiance to Boston a tug.

I purchased 2 Center Circle season tickets, online, at $200 each. Initially they didn’t offer assigned seating, but honestly for $200 who wants general admission? They quickly remedied that and I got excellent seats (that I gave away during the course of the season). I honestly don’t know if any perks were attached to season tickets. After the initial confusion (they give season tickets to holders at a pre-season event which they assumed I would attend) and exchange of emails, the staff was very helpful and mailed my tickets.

Sky Blue had a nice social media presence with a popular Facebook account and an active Twitter account. They also utilized YouTube well with a feature “Sky Blue FC Spotlight”

Web Site and Web Stream:

The web site looks okay, a little dated, but functional. Nice touch is a bio link for players on the roster. And they have stats! Team store: Jerseys, T’s, and a scarf. Pitiful.

Sky Blue’s web stream was okay, just okay. On air talent was pretty good for the most part, could always be better.

Kits and Venue:

Kits were cookie-cutter ho hum, but not out of character for SBFC, they’ve never been flashy.

Yurcak Field looked like a nice field. It certainly wasn’t hard on the eyes like a few others, so all around OK.

Final Observations:

Although the team started out like gangbusters, injuries soon slowed their momentum. They made it to the playoffs, but I honestly didn’t think they’d advance. I was truly looking forward to the team on the field that they started the season with, but once injuries set in and that spark didn’t materialize, they seemed nothing more than middle of the pack. They continued to engage the fans, but the product on the field suffered.

I don’t get a league leader feel from the organization. Chicago has that working class vibe, this team doesn’t have a vibe..at least not to me.  No player or players stood out as the voice or face of the team. I didn’t have anywhere to grab hold of the team. They had a lot of great personalities on the team, but didn’t exploit them to engage fans.

As always there are a few things that could be better:

  • Please realize that not all STH’s and fans who buy tickets will attend games, give us some perks for supporting from a distance. Let’s face it, buying season tickets that might not get used is almost like making a donation, we won’t use your services so throw us a bone.
  • Upgrade your web site and stream, no-brainer.
  • Step out of the box and grab me with an eye-catching kit in 2014..I dare you!
  • Hook up with your supporters group, it’s all good.

Sky Blue FC has been around for six years in various forms and for that I thank them. They really want women’s soccer to succeed at the pro level and are committed. It’s time for them to step out of their comfort zone and make a Sky Blue FC season an experience. I’ll be waiting.

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