NWSL Championship Game Day!

It’s finally here!

Through much hard work and the dedication of lots of people behind the scenes, this league was born on November 12th 2012. Today, August 30th 2013, WNY Flash host Portland Thorns FC in the very first NWSL Championship game. Who would have thought this was even a possibility on May 18th 2012?

There really are no words for how appreciative I am of everyone who made this day possible. I love you guys. You idealists, dream makers, Federations, fans, sponsors, owners, players, staff, even you naysayers because without you this day wouldn’t be as sweet.

My Boston Breakers didn’t make it into the playoffs and my FC Kansas City Blues didn’t make it into the finals, but that won’t dampen the enthusiasm I have for today’s championship game. Many of my favorite players will be on the pitch today, so I have no lack of people to cheer for.

I probably will be watching the non-marquee players the most, the ones who haven’t been here before. I’m sure the big names will step up, it’s what they do. I’m interested in watching the joy and determination on the faces of players fresh out of college, or who thought they’d never get this chance in the U.S. As much as this league is meant to feed the USWNT, it’s also a chance for homegrown talent to showcase what they’ve got in front of family and friends. And I could never forget the international players, the league has definitely been made better by their presence.

I wish all the members of both WNY Flash and Portland Thorns FC, the fans, and anyone remotely responsible for today a very exciting and fun-filled experience.

Regardless of the outcome of the championship, I think we all win.

Is it 2014 yet?


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