Tell ’em what you think! – Global #WoSo Survey

I know what you’re thinking “another survey..geez, how many of these am I going to be asked to fill out?” Answer: probably a lot.

Every survey is designed to collect different info and this one is no exception. This one is more concerned with the game as it’s experienced globally, especially Africa, Asia and South America. This doesn’t mean if you’re not from these countries that your answers don’t count, remember it’s a global survey.

The designers of the survey are interested in how to help soccer grow and what is good and not so good about the game today.. in 15 short questions.

So, flex your digits and get to surveyin’

Survey runs through Wednesday, July 31st 2013.

And don’t forget to share the survey on ALL of your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogger, and any I may have missed,  the more the merrier.

Feel free to link to this post, copy this post, re-blog this post, make your own pitch to get friends and acquaintances to participate and know the drill.

You can see running tallies of results once you complete the’s that for instant gratification!

Thanks, folks.