8 thoughts on “NWSL – Never Will (Women’s) Soccer Learn

  1. I agree it would be prudent if they got all their ducks (and teams) in a row before they start making announcements. Perhaps then they could make a bigger deal of it.

    I think the shape of the logo is a soccer ball… patch… thingy…


  2. Well said! I was going to write something along these same lines but you and Ryan Rosenblatt over at SB Nation have pretty much covered it. I would add that announcing this on a Saturday evening is probably not the best time either. You might even argue that announcing the day after a national tragedy isn’t terrific timing as well.


    • I gave thought to the Saturday and after a tragedy announcement, too. I came to the conclusion that the benefit of announcing during a nationally televised women’s soccer event eventually outweighed the drawbacks.


  3. I agree with you about the presentation but somewhat disagree about the logo/name
    I was expecting NBCSports to first show a pre-taped piece on the new league. It would have been slickly produced detailing the relevant history of women’s professional soccer in US. Why the previous predecessors failed and why it will succeed this time. Then cut to live presentation at the press conference room. There is a podium set up and the VIPs sitting on the stage. Behind them would have been a giant sized logo covered in drape. First, the CEO/commish of the new league would give a short speech, followed by few more from the VIPs (possibly a team owner or one of the “legends of the game.”) Then as the flashes from the press cameras are popping and the people gathered in the room are clapping, the drape would be lowered and the logo revealed for the FIRST time. A new league is born! NBCSports would conduct an exclusive interview with one of the VIPs followed by a round table discussion on what just took place.

    This announcement needed to be an event with all the pomps and circumstances. It needed to make an impact with not only soccer fans but general sports fans and sponsors. Instead we got the announcement of the name (that was already leaked) with no fanfare and a quick look at the logo and the teams involved. Seriously, that was it? How underwhelming.

    I can only surmise and hope that the accelerated pace of the formation of this league and the lack of any concrete details ready to be announced to the public might have contributed to the bare bones presentation. Couple that with lack of official website and thread bare facebook/twitter page suggests to me that this was a rushed job. Hopefully it won’t turn into a hatchet job. You only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Needless to say, NWSL failed miserably. Positive spin? maybe the whole thing was so under played that people didn’t even notice!

    As for the name, I agree that it’s not very creative, possibly even dull. But it gets the job done. It communicates to everyone that this is a women’s soccer league. One criticism I have is why include the word “National” when the league is co-funded by the Canadian and Mexican federation. Perhaps it would have been more equitable to use “North American” or better yet, just drop the N and go with WSL.

    Now to the part that I disagree with you. I have no serious issue with the logo. I think it conveys what its about in a straight forward manner. Any person will intuitively understand that it stands for women’s soccer. To me that accomplishes the main purpose of the logo. Compare this to Westfield W-League logo. http://www.hummel.com.au/res/Image/hummel/W_League%20Badge_FC_Grad_Pos.jpg
    W-League features very stylized soccer ball inside a traditional looking banner. But to ordinary folks, it’s not really obvious what this league is about. It could easily be a logo for volleyball or handball league. Score 1 for NWSL 🙂

    Addressing your specific complaint:
    1. Why does the silhouette figure have the ponytail again? quite simply, that’s what most women soccer players have. It’s not a stale old image. It reflects the reality that most (not all but most) women wear ponytail when playing soccer. In last night’s game, 8 of the 11 US starters had ponytail. On some nights, all 11 might have it. It’s not just the US. Frauen Bundesliga’s logo has almost the exact same figure with ponytail. http://protagonistasdeljuego.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/frauen-bundesliga.png
    I can understand wanting a logo with Rapinoe’s hairstyle or some spiky derivative to look edgy and fresh but it would not be truth in advertising. I don’t see the negative connotation with ponytail.

    2. What’s up with the pentagon shape? I’ve read other people say the same thing. To me, it was an obvious design cue from the classic soccer ball design. Ex. http://thelatesthiss.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/soccer-ball1.png I like the pentagon because it was the only “original” idea that made this logo appear unique from others. And please, pentagon shape is not the same as baseball home plate. Have we all failed geometry? 😛 http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Z2naIwY_A4I/TWM7hNO9taI/AAAAAAAAAPI/k-iNtKFiqL4/s1600/4224.JPG

    I probably did not convince you that the NWSL logo is a complete fail. But take heart, I suspect it is only the first version. There is nothing preventing it from being tweaked before the start of the league next year. And if a league title sponsor is found, the logo will definitely change. So consider this logo to be a mere place holder. 😉

    And if anyone is still reading this, you have too much time on your hand. 😛


    • I really don’t think the unveiling had to be some grand spectacle, but it did need to make a statement, what we got was a whimper. A simple, direct, (stadium announcer) “Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR new women’s professional soccer league.” Unroll a Tifo with logo and name on it. Have TV commentators repeat name and short explanation of league make up. Done & dusted. They could have had fans tweet pics of the Tifo from the stadium with #NWSL tag. They could have tied the whole thing into Facebook.

      Yes, we do disagree on the logo..miles apart. As a woman who has not had a ponytail since I was about 17, I do have an issue with it, but it goes much deeper than just representation on a soccer logo. And it is stale, like skirts on restroom signs.

      As to the shape, we will continue to disagree as long as it stays the same. Why do we need a ponytail to distinguish a female athlete, but we’re supposed to figure out that the shape is from a stylized soccer ball? I did not fail geometry and I am also not the only one who saw a homeplate on first glance.
      You reference the Australian Westfield W League logo, it is an exact replica of their A League logo that has an established following, linking the two together. Not really the same as a stand alone league, and their design has some significance to Australia and tells a story. What story does ours tell? Yeah, we’re the good ‘ole Red white and blue, we kick balls in ponytails..with our knees (nod to LT).

      The point of my article is you only get one chance to make an impression. They failed. If the logo has to be tweaked or redesigned or trashed, what impression have they made?


  4. Excellent points and well said. The brief unveiling was lackluster, the logo is elementary, and the lack of a website is surprising. Immediately selling t-shirts would’ve been a great idea. I’d have bought one then and there, especially if it were a cool logo. Definitely disappointed so far.


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  6. Hey Die Hard WoSo fans – ever consider that the INTENSE negativity to start isn’t helping any of the casual fans want to care about this league? As a die hard fan myself I’m actually sick of hearing so much negativity out of our group. You wanted a league again? Guess what, we have one! Lets help get the word out instead of crapping on everything they do. If a casual person was to look on twitter for info it seems all they would get is a bunch of negative tweets.

    US Soccer not able to market well…why is this a surprise???? When have they ever marketed well for the USWNT? Think about the send off games before the World Cup or even this Olympics, I can remember and I hope you can too, how horrible the marketing for that was. Typically only when they’ve won something big and are doing a tour after do they pick it up and lets face it ,while that is an improvement from normal it still isn’t up to the standards we would prefer. Was the unveiling less than ideal? Sure, but it isn’t causing me to immediately assume the league is going to fail again. I’m out there making sure all my casual WoSo enjoying friends who don’t have the time to search for details know whats up and whats coming. That is what we should be doing for this league instead of constantly complaining that they didn’t do things our way.

    The logo, so are we saying that a women’s player isn’t capable of shooting a ball if it pops up off the ground on her, or out of the air? We are only capable of using our knee not adjusting?

    I know the below doesn’t necessarily apply to those who have commented/written this blog, but they may be reading…
    With how hard it is to get a league up and running for the third time do we really need to accost those people who continue to work for the teams/fund them when our every expectation is not met? Is it too hard to ask for a considerate conversation? Because if us die hards keep shooting those who have continued to work to bring another league back how much longer will they bother? We should really appreciate the fact that GM’s/former GM’s/Owners/Coaches/Players are actually willing to have a chat on twitter with fans because I’m sure they have a lot of other things going on. Also, they can’t divulge every detail to us on twitter or DM them to us and trust that we won’t then tweet them out to everyone. Come on guys be realistic!


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