Are you kidding me?!

A little background: The shortlist for FIFA’s Women’s Player of the Year 2012 consists of Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, and Marta. These three players were shortlisted from an original list of 10. The list of ten was created by experts from the Committee for Women’s Football and the FIFA Women’s World Cup and experts from France Football. These same experts then pared the list to three.

Here’s the “Are you kidding me?” part. One of the players on the original list of ten was Christine Sinclair, representing Canada. Yes, she of semi-final hat-trick fame. The WoSo twitterverse is up in arms that she was not shortlisted ahead of Marta. In any other period of time I would be right there chiming in with my two cents and lamenting the stupidity of FIFA and it’s “experts”. Not this time. I agree that Marta has not had a year that deserves to have her shortlisted, and Sinclair certainly has, she started 22 of 22 games for her team and scored 23 goals, the most productive year of her national team career, but. Of course there is a but, or I wouldn’t bother writing this. Sinclair crossed the line of what’s allowable when she made comments FIFA deemed wrong and was fined and suspended. Unfortunately that sealed her fate. FIFA could not shortlist her and appear to condone that behavior, so no POTY for her. And if you still think she should be on the shortlist..are you kidding me?!

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. If we expect FIFA to do the right thing, we can’t be pissed when they manage to pull it off.

Now, what these experts know about Marta’s 2012 that we don’t, that’s a whole other post.


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